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Ensure Script Compliance with Speech Analytics Software


We operate in a highly regulated world, which means that your call center employees need to know your company policies, which your legal and business consultants have helped you to craft into a script or business process. That script or process needs to be accessed and activated right away or else you’re looking at anything from a disgruntled customer to a troublesome lawsuit.

Your scripts include everything from what the law requires you to disclose upfront during customer transactions to how to handle particularly abusive callers without making a bad situation worse. Call center reps are human and can get rattled and inappropriately creative, because they want to please the customer. Often, when that happens, the customer may be mollified, but your compliance policies have been violated and there’s trouble over the horizon.

Often those script violations go undetected until they either aggregate into a pattern of poor employee performance or cause bigger problems. Your calls are recorded and you have the evidence and wherewithal to correct the employee, but your approach is reactive, where you should have been proactive.

Speech analytics software can, among other things, key in on script compliance in ways that random sampling cannot. It’s all a matter of volume, and your compliance monitor person cannot possibly listen to every recording. You need a tool that detects and exposes instances of non-compliance quickly an automatically.

Speech analytics software does that through keyword voice recognition. Say you’re having problems in product warranties with the Acme Widgetmaster. You’ve written a script that you want your reps to carefully read, and you want to check how your reps are doing over the first two days of the life of that new script. Using the keyword “Widgetmaster,” your compliance monitor can find out right away.

So speech analytics software:

  • saves time because the process is automated
  • enforces consistency. (Maybe a few of your reps are getting a bit tired at the end of their shifts and are not reading the entire script.)
  • gives managers the insight they need to upgrade training and review performance (That insight, by the way, is totally objective and allegations of script violation are supported by the recorded sessions — found quickly with the speech analytics software.)

The final bullet point above is a residual but an enormously valuable benefit of speech analytics software. Once your compliance (and HR) managers begins using this tool, they have opened the door to leveraging the analysis process towards better customer satisfaction right at the doorway of your business: the customer contact center.

Contact us and we’ll show you everything else our speech analytics application can do for you.

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