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Transform Customer Support Using Speech Analytics


In the eyes of the consumer, the primary differentiator between competing companies is the level of customer support/service provided. In many cases, the customer service team can be viewed as the “face” of the organization which is why monitoring interactions between a customer and a call center agent is so important. Speech analytics software automatically scans 100% of customer calls, ensuring a level of call center monitoring that isn’t possible with random sampling or manual listening to every call recording in its entirety.

The data extracted from speech analytics software allows a company to optimize internal processes to transform customer support in the following ways:

Employee Tracking to Improve Workforce Training

Each employee is given a unique tracking code so that calls can easily be segmented by specific employee or department. This feature is extremely beneficial when monitoring the performance of individual agents and is helpful when conducting employee performance reviews and while training employees. Mangers, supervisors, and directors can automatically capture the data necessary to identify which employees may be in need of additional training to enhance adherence to company procedures and policies and establish clear and measurable goals for employees. Once trends emerge, training initiatives can be improved upon to shorten average call handle time, solve customer issues quicker and with more accuracy, incent repeat purchases, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and improve employee productivity – all of which will improve customer satisfaction levels and positively affect the bottom line.

Ensure Script Compliance to Manage Risk

In the call center, specifically within highly regulated industries, it is necessary to monitor script compliance to assure that agents stay on track and are meeting industry regulations and internal company policies since failure to follow a script can lead to issues with customer satisfaction. Straying from a script can also lead to issues with customer satisfaction and efficiency since the script is partly in place to enforce a consistent customer experience and improve agent performance in challenging situations in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood that the customer will purchase again. Speech analytics software saves the compliance manager’s time by automatically exposing script compliance issues that put the company at risk of litigation.

To provide an exceptional customer support experience in the call center, it’s necessary to capture agent performance data in order to make the necessary improvements. This data extracted from speech analytics will help you prepare your customer service agents by improving their performance, script compliance, and overall handling of customer needs.

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