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Revitalize the Customer Experience with Speech Analytics


Providing a positive customer experience (CX) needs to be a top priority for any business today. Happy customers translate into sales and longevity. So how does a business come to understand the customer experience? It’s certainly not a guessing game. A company must be continually collecting data in order to learn what’s working and what’s not and make necessary improvements. While traditional call recording was an important first step towards capturing the voice of the customer, it’s just not possible to manually listen in on every call and oftentimes listening in on a sample size of calls just isn’t going to cut it. Valuable information is lost.

Modern organizations must upgrade to a speech analytics solution that gathers and mines all call data in a matter of minutes. Once important keyword search terms are defined, they can be tracked and reports are provided. Speech analytics technology data provides a much more accurate picture of the experience customers are having.

Speech analytics can improve the customer experience in the following areas:

Call center conversations
Customers today have many options when they want to get in touch with a company, however the most popular method of communication remains the phone. Call center agents are at the front lines of customer service (and experience). Speech analytics technology provides call center managers with data regarding script compliance, average handle times, hold times, and more. This data allows managers to improve agent training processes and ensure that agents are performing their jobs at a high level in order to provide customers with an optimal experience.

Product/service offerings
Utilizing speech analytics technology to search for phrases related to products and/or services provides a company with important data regarding how satisfied customers are with these products or services. If a problem/issue/question is popping up frequently, the company can work to make improvements. It’s likely that the people calling in are just a small sample of the people that are having the same issue or problem. In addition, call data can help the product development team understand what customers want as they create new products.

Better advertising and marketing
The marketing and advertising teams can use speech analytics to track keywords related to campaigns. If it’s apparent that there are many questions about a campaign or promotion, the teams can go back and make tweaks as necessary for clarity. Mining calls for advertising and marketing purposes is essentially like holding mini-focus groups-at a much lower cost!

When a company has accurate data that allows them to improve their processes, it leads to an improved customer experience. This is why an investment in speech analytics technology in the call center is necessary today.

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