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Bring Your Contact Center into The 21st Century with Speech Analytics


Call recording software in the contact center is commonplace. It ensures that call content is captured and allows management to review conversations with customers to determine whether agents are performing their jobs properly and hear what customers have to say about the company or brand. Yet, your basic call center recording software has become antiquated in today’s market. In order to remain competitive and capture the true voice of the customer, contact centers must upgrade their call center software and invest in a speech analytics solution.

Instead of manually reviewing just a small sample size of calls, which results in inaccurate and incomplete data and analysis, contact centers that utilize speech analytics technology have a wealth of detailed information, from every single call, right at their fingertips.

Using speech analytics software, managers set up the keyword search criteria. On a set schedule, reports are delivered that provide users with statistics and the number of calls that contain that specific search phrase. Every call containing that specific search criteria can then be further analyzed, ensuring that all relevant voice of the customer data is assessed.

In addition to delivering data for specific search terms, another benefit of speech analytics software is that the data is delivered quickly. Other market research methods can take weeks or even months to receive the data. Once it’s analyzed, it can already become outdated. This isn’t the case with speech analytics, which ensures that data is received in a timely manner. Call data is available immediately after a call completes, which means that any issues can be addressed right then and there instead of waiting days, weeks, or longer for the call to (possibly) be reviewed by management.

It’s not just customer service call center managers that are taking advantage of the many benefits of modern speech analytics technology. Yes, these managers are monitoring their calls to ensure agent compliance and monitor overall performance to ensure customer satisfaction, but other departments are utilizing the technology as well to improve performance. For example, sales managers can ensure that sales agents are following the script and actively seeking up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The marketing and advertising teams can use speech analytics to monitor the response to a new product launch or campaign.

Speech analytics is a valuable tool in organizations across all industries and of all sizes. Because cloud-based speech analytics solutions require little to no IT resources, it’s an affordable option for small and medium sized businesses that allows them to compete with their larger counterparts.

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