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CallFinder Analyst Services Makes Implementation A Breeze

A company’s phone conversations contain invaluable data, and being able to access and convert this raw data into actionable business insights is critical.  So a call categorization and scoring tool that is easy to use by even the least teach savvy person can reap great benefits. Not only is CallFinder specially designed to be user-friendly, it goes further by offering comprehensive training.  Every CallFinder customer receives support from our CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialists, who are committed to providing thorough guidance and assistance with the onboarding, discovery, and implementation phases. Their goal is to ensure each CallFinder user is employing their software to its full capacity to uncover business insights, apply those insights to challenges, and identify and satisfy their determined goals for the technology…. Read more

Use Speech Analytics to Achieve Customer Satisfaction in 2016

When asked which customer service channel people prefer to use on a regular basis, the phone wins, hands down with 81% of survey respondents reporting that it is their preferred choice when contacting a company’s customer service. Monitoring phone calls for compliance, quality assurance, and overall insights continues to be more important than ever…. Read more

Customer Service Training Tips: Embracing the Complaints

Complaints come with the territory in the customer service arena. But when processed constructively, they can benefit an organization in many ways.

The word “complaint” generally carries negative connotations. However, if complaints are handled correctly and used as educational tools, the long-term positives can far outweigh any initial negativity.

Complaints can be ProfitableRead more

Speech Analytics Technology Can Be Used by Every Department

Meeting the expectations of today’s consumer requires traditionally siloed functions such as sales, marketing, and the contact center work together more effectively. To support this business objective, an increasing number of companies are implementing procedures to break down these silos and ensure that the consumer is a top priority for the entire company.

There are many business goals, which fall into various departments within a company, that will benefit from call recording monitoring and data mining of their customers’ conversations.   After all, each department of a company today is an integral part of building and maintaining the customer relationship…. Read more