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Career College Saves Time and Resources with CallFinder Speech Analytics


Here is just one example of a successful implementation of a web-based speech analytics solution by a small to medium-sized business:

Background: Career College was founded in 1966 and has grown to five campuses. The College’s mission is to prepare students through allied health and business courses for gainful employment. They have helped shape the careers of over 35,000 graduates.

Customer: Marketing Coordinator – CA

Business Need: The school directs all incoming calls through their vanity 800 number, 1-800-NEW-CAREER. Each day, a member of the marketing team listens to all incoming calls from the previous day to identify those that need follow-up, and those that can be used for training purposes. Listening to the daily calls is time consuming. The school receives over 900 calls each month. The marketing coordinator was spending up to two and a half hours each morning listening to full recordings of their incoming calls.

Solution: CallFinder ® – all calls are automatically scanned and analyzed to find the ones that need immediate attention. The online interface displays these calls in real time and tags recordings with the key spoken phrases at the point they occurred in the conversation.


  • Reduced listening time by 50%; from an average of two hours to one hour each day.
    “Since we’ve been using CallFinder, I spend less time listening to calls. I have cut my daily listening time in half, which gives me more time to focus on my other job responsibilities.”
  • Quickly identified relevant calls for follow up, and to use as staff training materials.
    “The CallFinder application identifies the calls that are relevant to the key phrases that I built into our searches, so I only have to listen to those calls that are relevant – rather than listen to all of our calls each day.”
  • Provided real-time search results as calls came into the school.
    “CallFinder has helped make my job easier in identifying our priority calls.”

Schedule an online demonstration of CallFinder call recording and monitoring software today to see how CallFinder can help your business ensure script compliance, improve workforce training programs, and operation efficiencies.   Contact us or call 1-800-639-1700.

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