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CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring


CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring and Scorecard Functionality

BURLINGTON, Vermont, March 16, 2017 – CallFinder® (, a leading provider of powerful, affordable, and easy to use cloud-based speech analytics, today announces the release of enhanced features to deliver automated quality monitoring and scorecards that report on call outcomes for one hundred percent of agent and customer interactions. CallFinder now offers small and medium sized businesses out-of-the-box functionality that enables automated quality monitoring, script, and regulatory compliance monitoring, and much more.

“We are pleased to bring powerful new functionality to our customers and future CallFinder users”, says Cliff LaCoursiere, Vice President of CallFinder. “Not only can our customers more effectively manage agent performance and customer experience, but they now have actionable, consistent information and automated quality monitoring reports to share across the contact center, and the business.”

CallFinder users already benefit from the speech analytics platform to search and categorize agent-customer interactions for easy access to data and insights on agent performance and the customer experience. CallFinder’s latest release automatically categorizes calls into easily customizable reports for analysis. Automated scorecards enable managers inside and outside of the call center to focus on implementing changes to the business to improve revenue and operational efficiency, rather than culling through thousands of agent-customer interactions.

“Agent scorecards have long been used in contact centers.  However, the process of manually listening to a significant sample of calls to evaluate agents, or listen to the voice of customers, was cost prohibitive. CallFinder eliminates the need for supervisors to manually listen to calls and instead – with the click of a mouse – they can review scores based on near real-time data, assess their team’s performance, and identify areas for improvement. Overall, CallFinder users are continuously improving their level of productivity and efficiency across the contact center, and meeting management and company goals,” says LaCoursiere.

Speech analytics enables companies to automatically mine tremendous amounts of information that is exchanged during agent-customer conversations. Access to cloud-based automated technology solutions is becoming more essential for businesses of all sizes, and is now affordable for the small to medium size business market.

CallFinder offers an assessment of the content of a business’s agent-customer conversations with a simple three-step engagement. An assessment gives businesses the opportunity to explore CallFinder’s technology using their own call data and agent-customer conversations. Learn more at

CallFinder automated quality monitoring Free Assessment Report

About CallFinder

CallFinder automatically converts the spoken content of agent-customer interactions into structured data for instant categorization and analysis. CallFinder enables users to automatically report on agent performance and customer experience while extracting vital business intelligence that reveals insights to help you reduce costs, improve agent performance, and provide the optimal customer experience. Businesses use CallFinder to gain visibility into the voice of their customers, monitor script compliance, enhance workforce training, manage quality assurance, analyze and improve business processes, and discover revenue opportunities. Learn more at

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