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CallFinder Analyst Services Makes Implementation A Breeze


A company’s phone conversations contain invaluable data, and being able to access and convert this raw data into actionable business insights is critical.  So a call categorization and scoring tool that is easy to use by even the least teach savvy person can reap great benefits. Not only is CallFinder specially designed to be user-friendly, it goes further by offering comprehensive training.  Every CallFinder customer receives support from our CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialists, who are committed to providing thorough guidance and assistance with the onboarding, discovery, and implementation phases. Their goal is to ensure each CallFinder user is employing their software to its full capacity to uncover business insights, apply those insights to challenges, and identify and satisfy their determined goals for the technology.

Here are just some of the ways a CallFinder Specialist offers incomparable support:

Full Onboarding and Implementation Training

When it comes to training, one size does not fit all companies. That’s why CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialists work one-on-one with every individual customer, as well as individual users at those customers, to provide in-depth training and guidance on using our market-leading technology to monitor agent-customer conversations for quality assurance, script compliance, and other business metrics you want to track. Far more inclusive than any manual or FAQ webpage, they lead each customer through every step of the implementation process, taking the time to fully answer all questions and address any business goals for our clients.

CallFinder Specialists provide assistance in discovering key phrases, build and refine call categories, create scorecards, and so much more – all with the intent of helping each CallFinder customer become comfortable and confident in utilizing in using this powerful contact center technology.

Ongoing Training and Support

Some other speech analytics providers offer initial training, but that is where it stops, meaning their customer either learn the technology on their own, or they hire consultants. This is not always practical for the small and medium size businesses. That’s how we’re different. At CallFinder, we know that a company’s business metrics and key performance indicators are constantly in flux.  That’s why we pride ourselves on our superior support. CallFinder Specialists are always available to offer their assistance and expertise — whether it’s creating new search parameters, answering questions about a specific capability, or simply wanting to be sure our customers are using CallFinder to its optimum benefit. No matter how many times a customer’s data extraction and automated call monitoring needs change, a speech analytics analyst will help them discover all the ways CallFinder can meet – and exceed – their expectations.

For a CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialist, there is no better feeling than helping a CallFinder customer achieve full satisfaction with their product.  That is why CallFinder Specialists are dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers each and every time, ensuring they know all the ins and outs of this powerful tool.  We may be biased — we realize, but when it comes to outstanding training and support, the competition simply cannot compare to CallFinder.

Learn more about our superior support team at CallFinder today.

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