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Call Tracking And Business Intelligence Go Hand In Hand


It is not possible to run a business that is successful as it could be without collecting data of some kind or another. All businesses need this because they need to know how they are doing and to measure that performance against their expectations. When the data is collected and reviewed, it becomes business intelligence.

Why Track Calls?

Unlike what it may sound like on the surface, this is not some ploy to play big brother with your employees. You are not attempting to gather information on them to use it against them or anything of that nature. Rather, you are simply using call tracking as a means of figuring out if they are doing what they should be doing. When customers call in, they should be receiving friendly and helpful service. The only way to determine if this is happening is through call tracking. Call tracking and call recording with a speech analytics solution will help you monitor the conversations taking place between your agents and your customers; track and measure agent performance and the customer experience.

Best Pitches

Different customers respond differently to the various types of lines that are used on the phone. Some prefer to be talked to in one way while others may want to hear a different tone. It all comes down to the individual person being spoken to. This is why tracking calls and help determine some of the best phrases and ways of putting things that seem to work with customers. Determining the best way to answer questions will help with those customers who call in at a later date.

Have A Record Of Everything

If there is ever a dispute about something that was said over the phone, it is important to have a record of everything that was ever mentioned. This is a hard record that can settle any disputes and is yet another reason to have call tracking.

Contact us about how to get started with call tracking and more reasons why it should be used.

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