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Call Recording Enhances Sales


Joe furrowed his brow as he reviewed Amy’s sales numbers. He knew that she was talented and friendly on the phone but these numbers did not make sense. Why was she failing to make her sales numbers?

Many sales managers are just like Joe. They hire people who have the knowledge, skills and abilities for inside sales. The promising new hires go through training and seem to get off to a good start but soon the numbers fall off and the manager is left to wonder what went wrong.

Sales people like to succeed. No one goes into sales to simply get by, they want to be superstars. In fact most of
your employees want to succeed. Success creates an upbeat, motivating environment. Happy employees will also make your customers happy.

Call recording is an efficient way to train, monitor and improve your employee’s performance. You can use call recording throughout your organization to monitor and train every customer touch function.

If you can train your top sales people to close just a few more deals per month, the increase to your bottom line would be significant. What would happen if you duplicated that effort throughout the sales department or even the entire company? Billing, customer service, and technical support can all contribute to growing your business. Imagine the value of having every single employee acting as a company ambassador, service and sales would skyrocket.

You have the opportunity to create best practices around good customer calls. Those calls can be used to train and motivate other employees. Call recording allows you to intervene early and avoid employee failure.

With call recording, Joe would have real time data that he could use to coach Amy to success. Further, he could have used the calls of his top performer, Pete to enhance the performance of the entire department.

In our current economic climate, no company can afford to miss opportunities or lose customers. Optimizing your marketing processes is critical to success in this market. Call recording is a low cost method that maximizes every customer call. That is not only good service but good business.

by Jon Rognerud

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