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Optimize Call Center Analytics with Speech Analytics


In order to operate smoothly and efficiently, a call center must have access to the latest technology that provides customer analytics data. Call center call recording software is standard. It records all calls with customers for management to review for quality assurance purposes. However, it’s a manual process and only a handful of calls are reviewed which isn’t an accurate representation of the operation as a whole. All of the insights from the calls that aren’t reviewed are missed.

To truly capture the voice of the customer in order to improve customer experience, it’s necessary to optimize call center analytics reporting with a speech analytics solution. The call mining component of speech analytics software provides data for the following applications:

Business Intelligence

Speech analytics software is a market research tool. Businesses can easily search for keywords inside calls to capture the customer experience, protect brand identity, uncover valuable leads, and react quickly to problems and opportunities.

Script Compliance & Risk Management

In highly regulated industries, script compliance is necessary. Speech analytics software ensures script compliance to ensure that frontline employees adhere to state, federal, and company rules and regulations while conducting conversations with customers.

Workforce Training

Speech analytics software helps management identify agent training opportunities, track agent performance, and establish clear and measurable goals for employees.

Quality Assurance

Simply recording calls and monitoring samples of those calls for quality assurance has become an antiquated process. Every customer conversation holds valuable information which is why speech analytics software with an audio mining component is necessary to gain the full scope of true quality assurance.

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Speech analytics data is useful in departments outside of the call center. Speech analytics software can be used to track the performance of marketing campaigns, promotions, and key messages. This data can be used to improve marketing efforts and grow the business.

Dispute Resolution

Using the search features of speech analytics software, a company can mitigate risk of litigation by easily identifying the conversations in question.

Speech analytics is a flexible tool that can be used for many applications in order to capture customer data that can be used to help a company achieve its goals.

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