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Benefits of Cloud-Based Speech Analytics for the SMB


Speech analytics software was once a tool only used by large corporations that had the budget to pay for it. However, this technology has been moving to the cloud which makes it much more accessible for the small to medium sized businesses that can benefit from having it. Cloud-based speech analytics has leveled the playing field for the SMBs that have invested in it.

Here are 5 benefits SMBs can enjoy when deploying a cloud-based speech analytics solution:


An on-premise speech analytics solution requires software and hardware installation within the system network which means that IT needs to be involved in the process, which can be costly. Alternatively, a cloud-based speech analytics solution draws on few, if any, IT resources for installation and ongoing maintenance. It is much more budget-friendly for the SMB.

No changes to existing phone system

A cloud-based speech analytics solution requires no changes to an existing telephony. Calls are routed seamlessly through a telecom switch to the business and all call data (date, time, caller name, address, demographic information, etc.) is captured virtually. 100% of call traffic coming to the chosen phone line will be recorded and automatically categorized based on search definitions.

Quick deployment

Because there is no hardware or software necessary to install within a company’s system network using a cloud-based speech analytics solution, it is much more flexible and can be up and running within a week.

Access to market research data

Many SMBs don’t have the marketing budget to hire a market research firm. However, market research data is essential in order to create campaigns that will resonate with target audience members. Using an affordable cloud-based speech analytics solution, the SMB has immediate access to voice of the customer data that was previously hidden inside phone calls. The marketing and sales teams can mine call content for keywords related to products and campaigns which can inform their future efforts.

Improved customer service

While speech analytics data is beneficial across an entire organization, its primary beneficiary is the customer service team in the call center. Speech analytics provides managers with important agent performance data that can be used for training purposes to ensure that customers have a positive experience and agents are compliant if call center scripts are being used. Improved customer service results in happier customers that are more likely to make repeat purchases and become loyal to the company and its products.

Because speech analytics software is no longer out of reach for the SMB, thanks to the cloud, it’s time for more companies to invest in it in order to gain access to important data that can be used to make important business decisions that will result in long term success.

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