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Affordability of Cloud-Based Speech Analytics Solutions


In order to succeed today, a company must be customer focused in addition to providing a great product and/or service. Customers are often willing to pay more for a better experience, and will stop buying from a company that provides poor customer service. In addition, they are likely to tell others about the experiences they have had with a company. This means that the call center, where the majority of customer interactions occur, is a key contributing factor towards business success or failure.

Call centers need to be armed with the best possible resources and technology available in order to provide exceptional service. This includes speech analytics solutions. For many customers, the phone is still the preferred method of contact with a business. Each phone conversation an agent has with a current or potential client or customer is an opportunity to learn more. Businesses need to pay attention to what their customers want and need, whether their customers are happy or dissatisfied, and if their employees are delivering an exceptional customer experience with each interaction. Many elements of customer calls are missed when calls are only reviewed manually. A speech analytics solution automatically analyzes recorded speech to gain greater insight into these customer interactions.

In the past, advanced call center technology (including speech analytics solutions) was only accessible to the largest call centers with the highest budgets. Smaller companies often didn’t have the resources or time necessary to deploy a hosted or on-premise speech analytics solution even though they had the same call center needs as their larger counterparts. Today, cloud-based speech analytics solutions are fulfilling these needs for smaller contact centers.

A cloud-based speech analytics solution is the affordable and flexible alternative to on-premise speech analytics solutions. A cloud-based solution can be deployed quickly (within a week). Unlike on-premise solutions, there is no hardware or software necessary to install within a company’s system network using a cloud-based solution. This eliminates the strain on already limited IT resources since little to no involvement is even needed from the IT department, including maintenance time.

Companies of all sizes need to properly utilize their call center in order to gain business intelligence that can be used to increase revenues, control costs, and diminish risk. Speech analytics technology is the solution that will close any knowledge gaps that exist. It automatically scans thousands of phone conversations in a systematic way, transforming unstructured, unleveraged data into insights that can then be readily examined at numerous levels of the corporate infrastructure.

Cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solutions allow small to medium-sized businesses to easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence. Once out of reach, this affordable technology is leveling the playing field for companies with a smaller budget. Access to this important data provided by a cloud-based speech analytics solution is transforming the call center, and the overall customer experience, exponentially.

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