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Advantages of Speech Analytics over Standard Call Monitoring


Manually monitoring call recordings in a contact center environment is standard. Calls are recorded and managers and supervisors listen in on a sampling of the calls to monitor agent performance and compliance. However, this process has become outdated and contact centers should no longer settle for standard call monitoring technology. Instead, it’s worthwhile to upgrade contact center software to speech analytics.

Here are 4 important advantages of speech analytics over standard call monitoring technology:

Access to all call data

While data from a sample of calls is certainly more useful than no data at all, it’s really not providing an accurate picture of the state of the contact center or the business as a whole. The majority of the voice of the customer data gets lost inside all of the calls that weren’t listened to and it’s a huge missed opportunity. Speech analytics software has the ability to mine all calls for specific keywords and phrases.

Ability to segment calls

Calls can easily be segmented by agent or department using tracking codes. Searches are customized based on the user’s unique needs.

Accurate market research data

Because speech analytics software can mine all calls or a specific determined subset of calls, it can be used as a market research tool. It provides valuable customer feedback and data that, using other market research methods, is much more expensive to collect. Speech analytics software also generates the data quickly and it’s no longer necessary to wait for days or weeks to get it.

Benefits extend beyond the contact center

Standard call recording and monitoring is primarily used to monitor agent performance and optimize agent training in the contact center. Speech analytics software, on the other hand, provides data that is beneficial across many departments. For example, since it is able to mine all calls, the product development team is able to learn what customers are looking for, the marketing team can understand which campaigns are the most successful, and the legal team can ensure that agents are always in compliance to protect the company against potential liabilities.

Upgrading to speech analytics software isn’t complicated or expensive. A cloud-based speech analytics solution requires no hardware or software to install on a company’s network, little to no involvement from the IT department, including maintenance time, and no changes to an existing telephony. It can be up and running within a week. So, what are you waiting for?

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