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Activating Speech Analytics into Your Business Strategy is Simple


Activating a speech analytics solution, implementing it into your existing structure, is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Identify Your Need

2. Research the Right Speech Analytics Technology Provider

3. Work with your Speech Analytics Support Team to Implement

Take it One Step at a Time

The first step in implementing the right speech analytics technology, is to determine exactly what your need is.   Will multiple departments be using the dashboard to track and monitor call trends?   Will you need to port calls if you are using a third-party call recording solution, or can the speech analytics solution also record calls?

As you’re researching providers, keep in mind that some focus on recording calls and speech analytics, and some provide that as just a very small part of their workforce optimization suite.   It all depends on your bandwidth, resources, and what services you may need other than listening to your calls and pinpointing the ones automatically that mean the most to you.

Finally, once you choose a provider, you should have access to their support team whenever you need it.   For example, they may only work regular business hours, but do they provide a HelpDesk of sorts so that if you encounter problems over say a weekend, you can resolve them quickly so as not to lose too many calls to your competitors.

Simple, Affordable, Timely

As we stated earlier, if you choose to work with a cloud-based, online, real time speech analytics provider, then you have several advantages over a company that works with an on-premise solution provider.   Why?

Have you ever tried to schedule maintenance time with your IT department?   Or, demonstrate that your project and work may be more critical than another department’s?

If you answered yes, then you need a simple and affordable solution that does not involve hardware or software, or IT people for that matter.   A web-based solution, like CallFinder, is all you need to benefit from advanced call recording and audio mining technology that is available today.

To learn more about CallFinder’s cloud-based call recording and speech analytics, be sure to contact us today and schedule a free online demo – takes only about 15 minutes!

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