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6 Fundamentals of a Sound Speech Analytics Solution


A Solid Speech Analytics Solution Born From A Proven Telecom Network

We realize that every call is important to a business, and over the course of 24 years in business, we have strategically built our telecom network with significant redundancy and size to guarantee that calls are processed and connected with a high success rate. Therefore, the call traffic we carry on behalf of our customers is not only secure, but the data center that houses our platform is powerful and dependable.

Not all speech analytics provides can say this. Why? Because they are not operating on their own switch and platform. They are not routing, recording and processing the calls themselves. Instead, they rely on a third-party to do the upfront work for them. They receive recordings from a call recording service provider, and then have to process the calls through their audio mining technology. Therefore, they are one step removed from the original file, recording, conversation that is being analyzed.

Our strength lies in our knowledge, experience, and ability to securely carry our customers’ call traffic. To record those calls and maintain the holding of the files within our own network – not opening our customers up to third-party processing and handling, and potential failure.

6 Fundamentals of CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Solution

Following are the technical details of the network we have built, and which we feel provide the fundamentals of a quality speech analytics solution.

The CallFinder telecom switch and platform:

  1. Is hosted at a premium Tier 1 data center, which is served by many of the world’s largest telecommunications and internet service providers, via redundant and diversely routed networks.
  2. Provides connections from DS1 through Optical Carrier (OC) / Gigabit (Gb) levels are readily available.
  3. Features dual primary power feeds from different substations, dual utility service transformers and switchboards, and six on-site 2,000 KW diesel generators (each is about the size of a large locomotive engine) with 48 hours of temperature-controlled fuel storage. All cabinets are powered by two independent power feeds.
  4. Is temperature controlled – cooling of the data center is provided by a rooftop plant with 1,920 tons of capacity (provided by approximately 120 separate A/C units) which is expandable to 2,400 tons.
  5. Is protected by a 24×7 guard service, with closed circuit surveillance outside and inside the data center. Every cabinet in the facility is locked and all access to the data center is logged.
  6. Provides data and voice connections that are provided via redundant SONET facilities, serving our carrier-grade integrated communications gateway.   The gateway in turn serves an “N+2” redundant integrated voice response (IVR) platform, a redundant internal data network with hot fail-over, and non-blocking access facilities.

Finally, Callfinder is registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as an interstate telecommunications service provider, and we hold Certificates of Public Necessity and Convenience in all of the states in which such filings are required.

So, there you have it. We are stable, secure, credible and legit!

Learn more about CallFinder’s history and our world-class solutions by scheduling a demo and conversation with a CallFinder Account Manager today.

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