Call Tracking and Speech Analytics: Keep Personal Calls To A Minimum
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Call Tracking and Speech Analytics: Keep Personal Calls To A Minimum

February 18, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

When on the job for long stretches of time, employees are bound to make personal calls. And, they should be able to, in moderation. It is a fact that is seen played out in workplaces across the country and the world.

If a need arises to monitor employees’ calls, specifically agent performance, then there is a solution. Call tracking and speech analytics technology can help employers learn more about the kind of calls (personal or otherwise) that are made.

Should All Personal Calls Be Eliminated?

There is some value to personal calls in the workplace. points out the fact that getting rid of all personal calls may in fact be unrealistic and unhelpful. They say, “Eliminate them entirely? That can’t be necessary. When you work long hours, sometimes your personal life seeps into your professional duties because there isn’t enough time in the day to keep them separate.”

Productivity Matters

There are obviously a lot of potentially bad impacts on productivity that can be brought upon by personal phone calls. Not only does an employee answering personal calls take away from their work, but it is also possible that it can be distracting to other employees. As such, a lot of business owners would like to know what it is that their employees are talking about on company phones. As those phones are owned and paid for by the company, it is perfectly acceptable to track the activity made on those phones.

Learning From The Listening

Listening into the calls, and also tracking by Employee Codes, can give you insight into which employees may be using more than enough of their work time taking personal calls. This can be something that is used to address the issue as a whole or even to have one on one meetings with individuals who are using the phones for too many personal calls. If the issue persists, then employees who make too many personal calls may have to be let go.

Contact us about how call tracking, speech analytics and employee codes when used in conjunction, may be used to make for a better business environment.