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Walk-in Tubs Company Uses Speech Analytics to Improve Training Programs

May 09, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Recently, a company in the field of healthcare implemented our cloud-based speech analytics solution to address several key management initiatives set by the executive team.

Here is a topline of results.

Improved Script Compliance and Workforce Training –
Once activated, CallFinder automatically scanned all call recordings, not just a sample, in real-time for specified phrases, allowing the management team to proactively identify and address agents’ calls which go off-script, categorized by agent.

Having this data enables the Confirmation Manager, to identify and address off-script calls with his agents to help improve their performance, as well as his training programs for other agents.


Improved Client Experience and More Robust Business Intelligence –
A second initiative was to identify and categorize calls based on inquiry type.   Specifically, extract quantifiable data on the frequency of calls that the company receives from people asking about VA benefits, as well as information on Medicaid and Medicare qualifying products.

Using CallFinder to track these inquiries, the client will be able to uncover trends, as well as data to add to the target client profile.   This knowledge will help the Confirmation Manager and his agents address these calls more accurately, and ultimately improve the client experience.

Read the full case study here, and contact us for a 15 minute online demo of CallFinder’s web-based call recording and speech analytics technology.