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The Customer Experience Crystal Ball: Predictions for 2013

January 07, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Today’s article by 1to1 Magazine goes into predictions for 2013, and the challenges that business will face as they attempt to achieve optimal customer experience performance through the many departments of their organizations that touch the customer in some way or another.

Here is a short list to keep in mind, and read the full article for detail.

1. More informed and powerful customers

2. Building personal relationships with customers.

3. Connecting with customers where they are – via mobile.

4. Moving past just the social ‘like’.

5. The effect of Big Data

As you cruise through the article in detail, keep in mind that there are technology solutionsavailable to help your business address and overcome these challenges – you don’t have to do it along, or manually.   Take a look at our recent post,6 Reasons to Add Speech Analytics to Your 2013 Business Strategy.

For more on how extracting customer data from incoming calls will benefit your business, contact us to learn more about call recording, speech analytics, audio mining, and call tracking metrics.