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Record and Listen to Customers with Speech Analytics

September 20, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Aberdeen Group recently published research results after surveying users of various speech analytics solutions. The results are promising for businesses of all sizes as they evaluate their technology needs, operations and development strategy, and marketing programs for 2013.

Some top-line findings from the Aberdeen research follow:

Calls Continue to be the Majority Method of Customer Interactions

The study results show that 66 percent of customer interactions within the call center involve voice conversations over the phone or IVR system of an enterprise. And, this volume of voice interactions with customers is expected to rise about 2.3 percent over the next year.   Because the majority of interactions that call centers are having with customers are taking place over the phone, it is critical for businesses to record their conversations for either real-time analysis, or so they can play back their calls at any time for future analysis.

The catch is that some businesses get hundreds or thousands of calls each day, so managing the listening to and data mining of all recorded calls can be a huge undertaking.   This is where a speech analytics solution will make it more manageable by automatically searching call recordings for specific keywords and phrases, as identified by the user.   This auto-scanning of call content, with the added bonus of a user interface designed to mark where those specific phrases occur within a call, make categorizing calls based on subject, and reviewing calls for key points of interest much more digestible.

Reasons Business Use Speech Analytics

Imagine the knowledge your company can gain by listening to and analyzing every incoming call to your sales or customer service representatives.   Here are just a few of the main reasons cited in the research of why companies have implemented a solution to record and analyze their calls:

  1. Insight into customers:   48% of companies that use speech analytics cite better insight into customer sentiment as leading factor for investment in their speech analytics solution.
  2. Increased revenue:   Companies that are in tune with customers’ needs experience a 28% year-over-year increase in revenue, while lower performing counterparts experience a 0.2% decline in revenue.
  3. Improved training programs:   29% of survey respondents indicate targeted agent performance assessment and training as a driver of their implementation of a speech analytics solution.
In a nutshell, speech analytics provides your business with:

  • Call recordings of every conversation in real time
  • Call categorization in real time, based on search definitions
  • A simple, intuitive dashboard to create, edit and manage searches
  • Web-based speech analytics; no hardware or software to purchase
  • Top-line search statistics and call analytics such as the number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase

To learn more about Web-based call recording and speech analytics, schedule a free demonstration of CallFinder.