Customer Service Training Tips: Embracing the Complaints
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Customer Service Training Tips: Embracing the Complaints

September 25, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Complaints come with the territory in the customer service arena. But when processed constructively, they can benefit an organization in many ways.

The word “complaint” generally carries negative connotations. However, if complaints are handled correctly and used as educational tools, the long-term positives can far outweigh any initial negativity.

Complaints can be Profitable

As any business knows, receiving customer complaints is an inevitability. But most successful organizations actually embrace complaints and see them as being much more advantageous than not having received any negative feedback at all. After all, how does a business expect to be made aware of faults, defects or inadequacies, and then make improvements, if they don’t hear about them from their customers?

Complaints create opportunities from both product and service, as well as agent performance perspectives. Especially within organizations using call center recording systems to monitor the conversations, the information gleaned from customer communications — whether negative or positive — can be a valuable customer service training tool.

Speech analytics technologies are often incorporated into call monitoring systems that facilitate the tracking down of specific calls and points of interest within agent-customer conversations. The training developed from these interactions not only helps agents refine their approach to handling complaints, but also prepares them for the wide variety of complaint-related topics and scenarios that they may encounter in the future.

Improvements to Customer Service Operations Increases Customer Loyalty

When dissatisfied customers convey their criticisms, organizations are made aware of products, services or processes that may require improvement or adjustment. When customers are shown a problem has been addressed and rectified in a timely manner, loyalty is often soon to follow. Though they may “test the waters” with other businesses offering similar products, they will likely gravitate back toward the company that provided them with the best, most attentive customer service.

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