Five Challenges Faced by Call Center Managers
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Five Challenges Faced by Call Center Managers

August 23, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

We recently participated in a discussion taking place in the LinkedIn Group, Contact Center Operations and Management.

The discussion thread was then posted to a blog.   Read the wide range of responses from contact center professionals and their experiences and opinions on trends and challenges that manager of contact and call centers are facing today.

Here are the top five in an overview:

  1. Agent recruitment and retention
  2. Doing more with less
  3. Reporting
  4. Increasing customer expectations
  5. Consequences of bad experiences are being magnified

There is technology available to help contact center managers monitor and combat these challenges.   By recording your customer conversations, and running them through a speech analytics solution, you gain access to critical points within conversations between your agents and your customers, just by homing in on keywords and phrases.

A robust speech analytics system will provide statistical and trending analysis, as well as ways to facilitate the sharing of these call analytics through daily scheduled reports.

Learn more about speech analytics technology by visiting the CallFinder LinkedIn page, and reviewing this white paper on challenges overcome with a speech analytics solution.