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Call Monitoring Addresses Common Challenges for Contact Centers

July 09, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

The challenges are many for those who manage and staff call centers. Even seemingly minor difficulties within these operations can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line.

The majority of calls coming in to contact centers generally revolve around complaints or problems concerning a company’s products or services, and inquiries about its offerings. From the caller’s perspective, the frustrations they encounter in their dealings with contact centers over time are well known and can often lead to a soured overall opinion of these contact centers and the businesses the call centers represent.

Common circumstances during a call into a contact center that can cause dismay within a caller include:

  • Long hold times
  • Dead space or dead air while on hold
  • Dropped calls
  • Being bounced around through automated voice prompt messages
  • A lack of product or procedural knowledge on the part of an agent
  • Insufficient call resolution


Contact Center Monitoring Solutions
The negative experiences that contact center callers often have can actually create opportunities to shine for those businesses that are determined to provide attentive and efficient services, thus a good customer experience.

The implementation of a robust call quality monitoring system can help facilitate this.

Call monitoring, call center recording and speech analytics software are powerful tools used to create a customer-friendly and cost effective contact center. With these systems in place, agent-related areas such as call times, first-call resolution rates, training and overall customer interaction can be maximized.

These systems are not only beneficial from an agent performance standpoint. Conversations with customers are meticulously analyzed through an automated process to assess trends and customer satisfaction levels that will enhance a company’s level of service, and their ability to accurately make projections and define their goals.

Potential and existing customers will find a positive, professional call center experience refreshing. And with so many companies offering similar products and services, this may very well be the differentiator between a company and its competitors.

To learn more about call monitoring solutions, including call recording and call mining (also known as speech analytics), you can read the white paper; 7 Business Challenges You Can Overcome by Recording and Monitoring Customer Conversations, or contact a CallFinder Specialist today for a free demo of a speech analytics interface.