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Is Your Business Compliant?

June 14, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

Are you in the business of revenue recovery?   If so, you need to know this…the mini-Miranda should be your agents’ best friend.

Legally, your agents all MUST be reading a mini-Miranda to the people they are calling.   Do you know if your agents are doing this?   If not, the risk to your business is incredibly high.

One way to ensure you have a high rate of compliance in reading the mini-Miranda is to implement a speech analytics solution to monitor agent/customer conversations and compliance tracking.   All you have to do is plug in the key words and phrases used in your script where the mini-Miranda is recited, and the speech analytics application will pull out those specific calls, showing you the compliant calls.   Flip the switch in the application to show all calls that do not contain those key words and phrases, and the result is a compilation of recordings that are non-compliant.

Having this data gives you the ammunition you need to approach your agents with a refresher, focusing on the importance to the company (and hence to their livelihood) of striving for 100% compliance in reading the mini-Miranda on all calls.

To learn more about speech analytics, and how a solution like CallFinder will keep your agents and business compliance, call 1-800-639-1700 or contact a CallFinder Specialist today.