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Pitney Bowes Uses Speech Analytics to Improve Service Quality

May 10, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: August 16, 2022

Yesterday, a release went out announcing that Pitney Bowes recently instituted a speech analytics program to identify and analyze critical customer service issues and problems.

Business Analyst Lori Schmidt explains how the company uses this tool to listen for targeted issues — key words for a particular type of call that it wants to listen to.

Schmidt notes that “speech analytics doesn’t eliminate the need to listen to those calls. It will bring us the calls where those key terms are used, but we still have to listen to parts of those calls, depending on what we are listening for, if only to verify that we have the right context.”

The system also has a “Tell Me Why” functionality, says Schmidt, “so if you have a spike in call volume over a three-day period, for instance, you can go in, set your filters to that time period, and then have the system tell you why it happened. Basically it will look at all the calls within the criteria that you set and identify the key terms that came up in those calls.”

Details on how Pitney Bowes is using speech analytics and how it is encouraging customers to use online resources appear in the May issue of “Customer Service Newsletter.”

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