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Fortune 500 Uses CallFinder Speech Analytics to Ensure Script Compliance

May 10, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: September 15, 2022

One of our customers happens to be a Fortune 500 company. After using CallFinder’s speech analytics solution for about six months, they have successfully identified where agents are going off-script. Armed with this data, the company improved their training programs to reduce compliance risk.

Fortune 500 company uses a mandatory script that all agents must follow while on the phone with a customer. However, the company had no way of ensuring script compliance.

The company built detailed searches in CallFinder that used keywords from each touch point of the script to monitor agent compliance. The speech analytics software scanned all call recordings to identify any call that did not contain the designated phrases in order to detect the calls that did not meet necessary script compliance.

By creating custom searches on specific script compliance phrases, CallFinder’s analysis of call recordings delivered relevant data that compliance managers used to monitor customer conversations. This gave managers a consistent way to measure agent performance and ensure that agents were following company standards by staying on script.

Additionally, CallFinder detected when agents were not following the script, indicating where further phone sales training was needed to improve agent performance.

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