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18 Practical Business Uses for Speech Analytics

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Speech analytics technology can be used by multiple departments within a company, works among any industry imaginable, and for any size business.   Here is a pretty comprehensive list of practical applications for a call recording and speech analytics solution:

1. Call driver analysis –
Track why callers contact you (advertising, promotion, renewal, etc.)?

2. Reduce handling time –
Measure the efficiency of your agents and/or sales reps when they’re speaking with your customers.

3. Reduce complaints –
Monitor any trends on product and service feedback and make process changes.

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4. Increase revenue by improving sales through service and up-sell techniques –
Monitor if agents are taking advantage of upsell/cross-sell opportunities while they have callers on the phone?

5. Monitor compliance –
Assess if agents are adhering to a company-mandated script and asking all of the right questions to qualify a caller?

6. Improve agent quality and performance –
Identify areas where agents need updated training programs to get them on the path to success.

7. Improve customer experience –
Analyze how your customers interact with your employees. Make process changes to make it better.

8. Understand voice of the customer –
Learn what callers are asking of your company.


9. Repair and improve processes –
Utilize customer conversations, good and bad, as examples for agents – sales and customer service – during training programs.

10. Track and trend key issues –
Learn about customer perceptions on new products, your competition, and if they should be flagged as potential cancel risks.

11. Helps create new metrics –
Use call analysis technology to identify new trends to track, new products for the development pipeline, etc.

12. Increase market intelligence –
Gain valuable insight on consumer perception of your competitors’ products, where they are advertising and who they are targeting.

13. Improve first call resolution –
Monitor how often a caller is transferred, has to call back, or how often a sales or service person says “I’ll follow up in…”


14. Repeat contact analysis –
Track trends on the number of times callers may have to contact your service department in order to get resolution on an issue.

15. Drive effective coaching conversations –
Use insights from customers and what they want in order to address common objections.

16. Quickly establish customer dissatisfaction –
Monitor call recordings and create searches to identify only those calls where customers are at risk to cancel. Use the knowledge to improve trainings, and even products if necessary.

17. Reduce operating costs –
Automatic scanning of calls reduced the amount of time employees have to listen to calls in their entirety to get to the root of problems, and successes.

18. Make a business more efficient –
Use all of the knowledge you’ve gained from each department and application listed here to create a more streamlined, strategic plan to address objectives and improve your business!

I’m sure you can add more to this list, based on the metrics your own company tracks, key performance goals, and management strategies.   To learn how we can help you automatically start identifying trends, uncovering insights, and answering these questions, contact us today at 1-800-639-1700.   Having the complete picture of what is taking place in every department of your organization better positions you for success in today’s customer-centric business environment.

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