Increase Revenues & Monitor Agent KPIs With CallFinder Acuity

Turn your contact center into a knowledgeable team of agents and provide exceptional customer experiences to drive business growth.

More Sales
Less Churn
Reduced AHT

Gain 100% Visibility Into Agent-Customer Interactions With In-Depth Scorecards

With CallFinder Acuity, you get everything that comes with CallFinder View, plus automated scorecards. Your entire team will have access to in-depth evaluations of every agent, and every agent team, providing 100% visibility into your customer interactions. Use CallFinder’s automated scorecards to assess agent knowledge gaps, uncover performance trends, and identify agents who perform well, and which agents need more coaching.

Improve Net Promoter Scores, Boost Revenue, And Reduce Agent Churn With CallFinder's Automated, Easy-To-Use Scorecards

Increase Productivity & Bottom Line Revenues

CallFinder’s Scorecards transform the manual QA process, increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenues.

Provide Fair, Consistent Agent Evaluations

CallFinder’s Scorecards are objective and monitor every interaction the same way. Every time. No bias.

Start Gaining Value As Soon as You Sign Up

Our clients gain 100% visibility into their agent-customer interactions in minutes, not days, weeks, or even months.

Have a Positive Impact on Your Entire Organization

CallFinder’s Scorecards are proven to drastically improve contact center performance for an optimal customer experience.

MSaaS Solution With Built-In Client Support

CallFinder’s built-in client support is like no other in the industry. Every CallFinder Acuity client is assigned to an experienced CallFinder Analyst who becomes an extension of your QA team. Your Analyst works with you to define your goals and continue working with you well beyond implementation to ensure your success with our solution.Unlike other providers, CallFinder does all the heavy-lifting for you so that you never need to hire outside consulting services or additional staff in order to effectively use CallFinder.

The CallFinder Difference

We built CallFinder to help businesses transform their customer operations using conversational insights to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue growth across the entire business, not just the contact center.

Unlimited Users With Volume-Based Pricing

We offer a flexible, easily scalable pricing structure that is based on the number of hours of audio processed. You won’t pay for tiers or packages of ‘seats’ or user licenses you don’t need and won’t use. Plus, you get 24/7 access to all of your call data, and free 90-day call storage.

Zero Hassle & No Overtime For Your IT Team

We know your time is valuable, and so is the time of your IT team. That’s why we built CallFinder to be easy and user-friendly. All we need is an API Token to flow the data from your recording provider into CallFinder. Pain-free, hassle-free. That’s the CallFinder way.

Share Insights Across Your Entire Organization

We make sure every client gets the most value from CallFinder, so that’s why designed Acuity with sharable performance metrics that you can use to collaborate with with every division of your business, not just the contact center. Share insights to improve sales, marketing, and more.

AI-Fueled Automation For A Complete Picture Of Your Customer Interactions

CallFinder Acuity provides a complete picture of your customer interactions with accurate, consistent scoring methodologies and a qualified Speech Analyst assigned to every account. Learn how CallFinder helps businesses drive positive change in the contact center and across the entire organization in a 15-minute tour of CallFinder Acuity. Fill out the form to get started.

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