Transportation & Logistics Industry

Scalable, Affordable, Quality Management and Customer Interaction Analytics for Your Transportation Company

Gain Driver Insights To Improve Efficiency & Lower Overhead

Interaction with customers is an essential part of any organization. Regardless of what industry you’re in, speech analytics will help analyze 100 percent of your business-customer interactions, making it easy for you to extract business intelligence to identify operational, or employee specific issues that may need to be addressed. Learn how to improve CX, lower overhead, and more!

Cost-Saving Insights

Fuel Is A Primary Cost In The Transportation Industry. Minimize Drive Time, Idle Time, And Fuel Costs By Training Drivers To Make Quick, Efficient Deliveries.

100% Visibility Into Interactions

Obtain real-time communication insights from interactions with suppliers, partners, and customers to meet growing customer expectations.

Automated Reporting

Don’t get stuck manually hunting down information to speculate a wide range of CX issues. Reduce costs and better manage service, labor, and resources.

Transcription & Call Scoring

Transcribe, score, and analyze every call for employee training purposes with CallFinder’s automated scorecards and searchable transcriptions.

Managed Client Services

Optimize the CallFinder solution to meet your business goals with ongoing client support from a dedicated, assigned CallFinder Analyst.

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