Automated Quality Monitoring For Retailers

Powerful customer interaction analytics and automated quality monitoring and script compliance for the modern retailer or retail contact center.

Retailers, Your Competition Is Just A Mouse Click Away

The growth of the Internet and e-commerce over the last 10 years has transformed the retail industry, including mail order and catalog businesses. Location is no longer important, but communication with the customer remains critical — in fact, customer service tools are of paramount importance in order for a business to maintain success and growth. Since mail order and catalog transactions can now be completed over the phone or online rather than face-to-face at a local store, the competition is just a mouse click away.CallFinder speech analytics and contact center monitoring software helps mail order and catalog businesses monitor call quality to improve call handling procedures. Through simple call quality monitoring, you can track customer service and sales agent performance for workforce improvements, customer service analysis and to identify professional sales training needs. With CallFinder speech analytics, your mail-order business can search call recordings to gather critical business intelligence related to your marketing programs, and even capture competitor contact center technology trends in the market to reveal how they might be promoting themselves and their products.

Monitor Script Compliance & Manage Escalated Calls

There are many practical applications of CallFinder call center monitoring software for mail order and catalog retailers including: Monitoring of script compliance by sales and service representatives. Training development for the sales and service teams, and other customer-facing workforce. Measuring the rate of escalated calls needing supervisory assistance. Tracking the source of incoming calls and tying them to promotions, direct mail campaigns, and all other marketing initiatives. Tracking customer inquires by product and pricing. Monitoring the rates of collateral requests and removals. Monitoring customer conversations for mentions of competitors within the marketplace. By using CallFinder for incoming call recording and contact center monitoring, you can quickly search call recordings for keywords and phrases relevant to your business needs. Then, you can analyze customer conversations to glean business insights that will help you generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence for call center optimization.

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