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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Speech Analytics

Instant Access to Market Intelligence

CallFinder’s advanced speech analytics technology provides instant access to market intelligence. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge to help you understand organization’s position in the market and know your customers’ preferences. Optimize marketing campaigns and promotions in near real-time and maximize marketing spend. Gather information from 100 percent of inbound phone calls with automated call monitoring and scoring for an accurate representation of how customers are responding to your business.

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Voice of the Customer

Create marketing goals. Track your marketing and ad campaign performance with speech analytics technology to set actionable, realistic goals.

Improve products and services. Gain insights on customer behaviors and purchasing trends for all of your products and services with near real-time data from daily customer conversations.

Maximize your marketing budget. Extract marketing performance insights directly from customer calls at a much lower cost, and with more immediacy, than traditional market research.

CallFinder’s automated call monitoring software can help your marketing department measure campaign effectiveness based on direct customer feedback, elevate brand awareness, identify successful promotions, and know customer preferences to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and drive new revenue.

Benefits of Using Speech Analytics

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns

Speech analytics software provides businesses with many benefits when compared to traditional market research:

Quantitative and verifiable

Rather than the random sampling method common in traditional research, CallFinder’s speech analytics is applied across 100 percent of agent-customer interactions to gather data from the broadest source possible. You’ll have easy, affordable access to the quantifiable data directly from agent-customer interactions.

Near real-time results

Get reports delivered daily, or even multiple times per day, as opposed to traditional reporting that may take weeks or even months. Share market intelligence across your organization, and keep executive management in the loop on campaign performance, market trends, and more, in near real-time.

Gather data directly from interactions

Our technology indexes and scans your actual agent-customer interactions, resulting in superior data taken directly from daily customer interactions. CallFinder’s speech analytics software provides an easy-to-use tool that gathers and market intelligence so that you can act on that information quickly.

To learn about other ways that CallFinder speech analytics and call monitoring software can help your business improve its marketing effectiveness and achieve call quality assurance, please call a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 and schedule an online demonstration.