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Discover the Conversations with Call Recording, Search and Analysis Technologies

Every day businesses miss opportunities to discover the critical intelligence hidden within the phone conversations taking place between their employees and customers.

Keywords and phrases are the basis for uncovering actionable search results within CallFinder. Our keyword level call tracking capabilities are precise, flexible and scalable to meet your business needs.

CallFinder’s call recording and keyword phrase search technology searches your call recordings for specific keywords and phrases within these conversations, which allows you to capture, categorize, and analyze the customer experience, uncover valuable leads, and react quickly to problems and opportunities.

Get More Precise Keyword Detection with Phonetic Indexing

CallFinder uses phonetic indexing to identify the keyword level call tracking terms identified as important to your business. Phonetic indexing of call recordings, which uses phonemes – the smallest units of sound – to detect spoken keywords and phrases, allows a speech analytics solution to be more precise in detecting occurrences of these specific keywords and phrases, making your search results more complete when compared to speech-to-text, or dictionary-based speech analytics solutions.

Easily Build Keyword Phrase Search Terms with CallFinder

Our web-based speech analytics dashboard, where you build search definitions, and access keyword level call tracking data is intuitive and user-friendly. New searches can be created within minutes, and you can run new searches on old call recordings with CallFinder Direct.

Keyword Search - Phrase Groups


Examples of Keyword Phrase Searches

Common phrases for keyword level call tracking results can include the following phrases, built to categorize calls to meet your business objectives:

Customer Satisfaction and Escalation Calls
“I’d like to cancel my account.”
“I’d like to speak with your supervisor.”

Product Inquiry Calls

“I saw your ad on TV and would like more information…”
“I recently purchased Widget XYZ and would like to upgrade to…”

Script Compliance
“Good morning, thank you for calling The Widget Company, how can I help you?”
“I’d like to schedule an appointment for you next week…”

Learn more about the benefits of CallFinder’s phonetic indexing technology, our simple implementation process, and how we can help you overcome common business challenges.

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