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Why Customer Service Phone Calls Can Yield the Best Business Insights


When people actually pick up the phone and call you, (in today’s web and social media friendly world), there’s usually a strong reason. Unless your business’ main target market is an older and more mature one, a phone call is a big deal.

Either it means that your customer is:

  • Pretty darn unhappy with your business
  • Needs help to understand your product or service
  • Has a complicated issue that takes a real person to resolve, or
  • Has some sort of financial situation or dire problem that separates him from being able to use the web regularly.

Now, more than ever, you can gain significant business insights  from monitoring and analyzing your calls.

With many people predicting that social media will be the preferred form of customer service interaction in the future, incoming customer phone calls are an even more valuable resource than they ever were.

In addition, customers expect to get good customer service through all channels (email, chat, social media and phone); so phone contact is not likely to disappear. It will just be more valuable to businesses because, for customers, it will serve a different, (and likely more powerful), purpose. Customer service phone calls allow you to:

  • Develop strategies to help your CS agents hone their skills
  • Build and nurture long-term relationships through excellent customer service
  • Conduct market research before new product introductions or older product upgrades, and
  • Much more

Contact us to learn why, (instead of emailing you or posting messages to your Facebook wall), customers are taking the time to call you.

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