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Which KPIs Should Your Contact Center Track in 2021?


Contact center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial to understanding agent performance and improving the customer experience. As you review and evaluate customer service tactics for 2021, you’ll want to track these metrics as efficiently as possible. But first, you need to determine which KPIs to track.

While measuring performance will depend on your overall business goals for the year, there are a few basic KPIs that every contact center should track. And scorecards are one of the most effective and efficient ways to monitor these KPIs. Here are three of the top contact center KPIs to track in 2021, along with some tips on tracking key metrics with automated scorecards.

First Call Resolution (FCR)

First Call Resolution is perhaps the most important contact center metric since it directly impacts the customer experience. Customers who get an answer or resolution in the first call tend to have a better overall experience. Agents with higher FCR percentages are typically more efficient and have better problem-solving skills. Ideally, measuring FCR metrics will improve the effectiveness of your customer service processes.

Managers can use agent scorecards to easily measure results and recognize top-performing agents. Rather than using end-of-call surveys, managers can view scorecard data in near real-time through the dashboard of their speech analytics software. This can help reduce customer frustration before it escalates beyond repair.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

Average Handle Time goes hand in hand with FCR. Customers want a resolution as quickly as possible. The faster an agent can do this, the better. With scorecards, an agent’s AHT is clear and easily accessible. Supervisors can use this information to see which agents need further training.

If call transcriptions are available, managers can see if there are other issues at play, such as technical issues with the agent’s software. Managers can use this information to streamline processes and simplify complex conversations. Ultimately, call scorecards can help lower AHT scores across all agents.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Customer Satisfaction is perhaps the most important KPI: how satisfied are the customers at the end of the phone call? While some companies use customer surveys to determine CSAT scores, agent scorecards measure customer satisfaction levels more accurately. Plus, they are a lot more cost-effective because of the time-saving benefits.

Scorecards Improve Efficiency & Accuracy

Scorecards are an easy and precise way to measure and evaluate KPIs to ensure all contact center agents provide the best customer experience possible. And many scorecard solutions include extra features to help guarantee customer satisfaction, such as sentiment analysis and silence and overtalk detection. And best of all, they improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of performance evaluation methods.

Learn more about how scorecards can track KPIs and get 2021 started off right for your business. Schedule a demo of CallFinder’s speech analytics and automated scorecard solution today!

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