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Voice Of Customer: Anger Or Delight?


Listening to the voice of customers on the phone can tell a lot about their experience in dealings with your company. The voice of customer is something that one can pay attention to in the recordings that they listen to. Even though the customers are not physically in front of them, managers can listen in and tell what kind of conversation was had.

Angry Tones Captured with Audio Mining

A customer who is expressing anger in their tones may have come into the conversation angry. There may be something about the product or service that they have received. On the other hand, they may be upset with the phone call that they have placed with your representatives. It is important to determine which of these two situations is true. If their anger comes from something that has happened on the phone, then it is time to address this issue with the employee that spoke to the angry customer.

Delighted Customers Create Loyal Customers

Do not think for a moment that all phone calls that come into a call center are from upset customers. Customers that are happy with the service are much less likely to call in, but it does happen. Even customers with questions can leave quite happy if they have their questions answered for them and they are treated well. Employees who treat customers well ought to be rewarded for their efforts.

Customer Service Is A Top Priority

Paying attention to the quality of phone calls is wildly important. These calls are recorded, so that information should be used. If there is a recorded call, then you should be using it. Taking the information that you find from the phone calls and use it to promote better customer service.

Contact us for more information on how to use recorded phone calls to promote better customer service.

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