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Virtual Summit on Customer Experience


Don’t miss the 2015 Customer Experience Summit – An Online Event!

Businesses need to care about their customers.  They need to improve their customer experiences.  They need to drive increased customer satisfaction.

But what does a customer experience look like for all parties, and what does a CX program really entail?

Call Center IQ’s 2015 Customer Experience Summit, a free, virtual event taking place March 24-25, has the answers. Fueled by Call Center IQ’s annual Customer Experience study and led by accomplished end-user executives and innovative marketplace thought leaders, the virtual event seeks to add color and context to the customer experience question.  It will reveal what customers specifically want and how businesses can actually give it to them.

Topics to be discussed:

1. What do *customers* demand when engaging with businesses?

2. How do *customers* respond to different customer experience initiatives?  What makes them leave — and what makes them loyal?

3. How should success be measured?  What are your best bets for notably improving those scores?

4. What specific training, tools and atmosphere will allow you to improve agent engagement and performance?

5. What new technologies can help you improve the customer experience – the way your CUSTOMERS want you to improve it?  What must you do before even thinking about technology?

Ann Thayer, CallFinder account manager is participating in the expert panel discussion at 12pm Eastern on the topic of how customer experience efforts impact the customer, the business, and how to track and improve the customer experience to remain successful and competitive in today’s market conditions . Register for the roundtable, then stop by our virtual booth immediately following the discussion to ask questions, get more information on the options of speech analytics solutions and how they can easily be implemented into your existing phone system, with no hardware or software!For more info and to register, visit their site.

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