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Does Speech Analytics Technology Make Sense in Your Industry?


Integrating any type of speech analytics technology into daily operations results in improved efficiency, cost-saving opportunities, and profitability.

This is true no matter what industry your business falls in, and it also applies to businesses of all sizes.

Speech analytics technology can be used in a wide range of industries. Here are just a few:


The health care industry encompasses a vast range of businesses from insurance companies and hospital networks to small practices and community health centers. Competition can run high, and in turn, so does the need for optimal employee training. Furthermore, legislation in the health care industry is strict. You have to carefully monitor agent performance and script compliance.

Your agents need to ensure that they are stating the proper disclaimers and disclosures. With speech analytics technology, you can ensure that your agents follow the latest legislation and HIPAA regulations during their conversations with customers.


There are many practical applications for speech analytics within the education industry. From increasing enrollment to keeping students enrolled, here are some ways you can use speech analytics technology:

  • Training development for anyone who speaks with potential or current students
  • Monitoring of conversations between customers and your enrollment staff
  • Tracking promotions, direct mail campaigns, and all other marketing initiatives
  • Monitoring of script compliance by employees
  • Tracking customer inquires by make and model, new and pre-owned, and warranty issues
  • Measuring the number of calls that result in booked appointments
  • Monitoring customer conversations for mentions of competitors within the marketplace

Banking & Finance

Because of the nature of the industry, competition is high, and there is a critical need for optimal customer and member service training. Speech analytics technology provides call quality analysis to ensure your agents are trained to retain customers and adhere to strict SEC regulations.

Using a speech analytics solution to identify agents that do not comply, or to survey conversations for specific trends in the market based on what callers are inquiring about, will deliver critical business insights that factor into future strategic business plans.

Just think of any industry that has customer-facing employees, and they can benefit from searching conversations for key phrases to extract business insights.

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