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The Telling Signs In The Voice Of Customer


You can learn a lot through the voice of customer information. The tone that one uses can say as much as the words that they choose to use. Keying in on these important factors is the way to learn from what customers are saying.

The Frustrated Customer

The frustrated customer should be relatively easy to identify using obvious audio cues. Raising one’s voice, being combative, or sighing with disgust are all obvious signs of a frustrated customer. Dealing with such callers is an art in and of itself, but first they should be identified so managers can create procedures to handle them.

The Pleased Customer

Similarly, you can easily separate this caller from the rest of the calls based on a few likely actions. A customer who is happy with their phone call experience will likely thank the person on the other end of the phone. They are more likely to use positive words as well. And you can search the call transcriptions to find those words. All in all, they will have a good experience, and it will be obvious.

Those Who Are In Between

Customers who fall somewhere between frustrated and happy are a little harder to figure out. They may even shift between one kind of emotion and another. These phone calls should be more carefully reviewed as the information in them can be just a critical to figuring out the right approach. Never forget to keep digging for the answers and clues to what makes a customer happy with their calling experience.

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