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Speech Analytics: Finding The Sweetest Phrases


Did you realize that certain phrases can be used to make customers happier with the service that they have received? There are certain phrases that simply work better with customers. It is not always known which phrases are the best to use and how one should adapt their service. This is why speech analytics is necessary to your business and contact center operation. This advanced technology scans your phone calls with customers to uncover hidden business insights, and customer experience metrics, which will help you fine tune your training and coaching programs to improve agent performance and therefore improve the customer satisfaction.

Keep reading to see how speech analytics will affordably, and easily, help you discover specific phrases that resonate with customers, and those that don’t.

Call Searching Through The Archives

The best thing that one can do is search through their own archives of calls in order to uncover pertinent phrases. This will allow you to use the information that you should already be gathering to your own benefit. If you are going to have that information on hand, then you should be putting it to good use. Recording phone calls needs to start immediately if you are not already doing this. After that, you should be looking at how to get the information that you need from that large set of data.

Scanning Call Data With Speech Analytics

Software programs are necessary to search through all of the data collected in a way that makes sense. The software can dig through all of that information and only pull out the good and important bits of it for you. The audio mining software knows how to recognize parts of the conversations that may be important, and it can save you a lot of listening time to just use a program like this.

Changing Company Policy

After reviewing the data and determining what phrases seem to work best with callers, it is vital to change policies. It needs to be revealed to employees that certain phrases are now prefer to be used on the phone, and the reasons should be explained well. Once you have done this, your work is completed and better customer service should start to manifest itself.

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