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Reduce Customer Attrition with Call Center Recording Tools


I just read a great article on call center recording, and thought I’d share.   It was published by Orex, which is a call recording provider, but has some good thoughts on how to reduce customer defection by using recorded conversations to gauge the customer experience a company delivers, and to gain insights on how to improve that experience.

The article includes the following tips on lowering customer defection rates simply by using a call center recording tool:

1. Set up alerts to notify your customer account rescue team (or person) that a person is about to defect or cancel.   With recording and speech analtyics technology you can create searches that scan calls for keywords such as “I’d like to cancel my account”, “please cancel” and “I’d like to speak with a supervisor”.

2.  Monitor agents to determine who has the highest number of customer defection calls and retrain them so they can better handle a cancellation request to turn it around to a saved account status.   With call recordings and searches set up, you can segment calls by specific agent and address their call handling techniques one-on-one.

3. Provide training modules to all customer-facing employees with tips on how to persuade customers from leaving, also known as objection-handling training.   Improved coaching and training programs are made easy by using practical examples of customer conversations.   You can play well-handled calls for employees during training sessions so they have a gold-star example to achieve.

4. Query,  identify and flag all recorded customer calls in which the customer has indicated dissatisfaction of any kind.   Then, assign these customers (by their phone number) to your best agents so they are handled as delicately as possible the next time they call in.   This can be done with a call recording and speech analytics tool.

5. Create two recorded call libraries to train staff – one containing best-practice calls in which the unsatisfied customer was persuaded to stay, and the other containing poor-performing calls in which the call was handled poorly and the customer did indeed defect.

6. Hold rapid fire training sessions with all customer-facing staff to share positive and negative experiences with handling customer dissatisfaction.

7. Create a customer rescue team that follows up with all dissatisfied callers within 24 hours of their last contact with your organization.   These individuals can offer the customer some sort of incentive to smooth things over – such as a discount, a free offer, etc.

Read the full article for more details, and then contact us to take a free demo of the CallFinder call recording and speech analytics dashboard.

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