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Motivate Agents By Monitoring Their Calls – No, Really!


You’re probably thinking we’re off our rockers here, suggesting that employees would be motivated simply by knowing their calls are being recorded. And, some employees would be, no doubt. They’re the ones who understand that having someone monitor what they’re saying while on the phone with a customer is critical to success, and that someone at the organization needs to know and report on what is taking place on the front lines with customers. However, it’s human nature to shy away from and be wary of anything that resembles “Big Brother” actions.

Call Monitoring Will Motivate – When Used The Right Way

If your approach is that you’re monitoring employees while they’re on the phone with customers to glean positive interactions, and then your plan is to use those interactions as examples of successful customer experience moments, that will improve their self-esteem while motivating them to do better and better with each customer call.

Finding Those Motivational Moments Within Phone Conversations

Gone are the days of having plenty of time to sit with employees or agents while they’re on a customer call to monitor and evaluate their interactions. Business, and life, is moving much too fast and there are too many variables on everyone’s plate. So, it’s time for companies to lean on new advancements in call monitoring technology in order to get the job done, and to be efficient.

Implementing a call recording and call monitoring, or audio mining, solution is the only answer if your business is fielding incoming calls from customers. Not only so that you have a record of the interaction, but also so you can leverage a sub-set of your calls to determine strategic business needs, spot trends in customer needs, and fulfill those needs.

People Want to Talk (not type)!

Consumers are ruling the way businesses communicate, to a large degree. People want to use live chat, so businesses implement it. They want to conduct conversations via social networks, so businesses set up profiles and CS departments specifically to manage social conversations. But, the phone is still the gold standard in communication, and customer service.

There is nothing better than having a two minute conversation to book an appointment to answer a trouble-shooting question. It’s immediate – no delay in waiting for a customer service agent to answer the live chat request and then have a long back and forth to get to an answer that over the phone may happen in a shorter time frame.

Customer Service Statistics

Take a look at these statistics:

  • 15% of consumers would pay more for a better experience.
  • 7% of consumers say that customer service experiences typically exceed their expectations. That’s a lot of room for improvement!
  • 10% increase in customer retention results in a 30% increase in company value.
  • 81% of companies motivate employees to treat customers fairly.
  • 65% of companies provide effective tools and training to gain trust with their customers.

Make sure you’re somewhere within these last two points – motivating employees and providing them with the training they need to ensure positive customer experiences.

The importance of providing superior customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience increases every day. Studies show that consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Opportunity is ripe to increase revenues simply by making sure your team is providing your customers with the best possible experiences to turn them into loyal customers for the long haul.

Speech analytics technology will help you extract customer insights to leverage and use to change customer service processes and more to improve their experiences.

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