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Improve Agent Skills: Just One Benefit of Speech Analytics


Imagine having one tool at your disposal that can be used to vastly improve various departments and aspects of your business; a tool that is both easy to use and capable of providing a wealth of advantages. Now stop imagining, because you get exactly that when you have speech analytics technology.

The Many Benefits of Speech Analytics Solutions

When you apply speech analytics with automatic call categorization and scorecard tools to all your agent-customer phone conversations to scan for specific words and phrases, you can then use your findings to gain critical business insights – Insights which can then be converted into actionable data and improved business processes. And speech analytics can be used to enhance a variety of factions throughout your company.

Improve Agent Skills

For instance, speech analytics is a great way to help develop the skills and performances of your contact center agents.  As they are often the first interaction a customer will have with your business, it is imperative your agents are providing the very best service possible.  With speech analytics, you can see where your agents may be struggling in their phone conversations and create scorecards to deliver ongoing training.  It’s also great from a legal perspective, as it can ensure agents are fully adhering to their scripts.

Track Marketing & Sales

Speech analytics can also be used to improve sales and marketing by helping you hear the true Voice of the Customer to gain insights into what types of products and services customers truly want from you, how you are doing compared to the competition, which of your advertising campaigns appear to be having the most success, and more.  Not to mention providing you with automated reports filled with crucial data to help you gain a clearer, more accurate understanding of your customers.

Positively Impact The Customer Experience

Furthermore, every department can utilize speech analytics to gain insights into ways in which they can provide a superior customer experience.  Speech analytics can help all departments have access to the same data so they can work together to give customers exactly what they desire.  No matter where a customer is in their interactions with your business, it should be a smooth journey from start to finish.  Speech analytics software allows this goal to be more easily attained.

When it comes to perfecting your business and the customer experience it provides, speech analytics is like a Swiss Army knife – one tool with multiple applications.   Discover all the ways speech analytics can be applied to your business, and all the benefits you can reap with it.

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