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Improve Agent Performance by Analyzing Call Recordings


Call Recording is All About the Customer

If you’ve ever had to call a place of business, you’ve more than likely heard a recording saying, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance”, or something similar.  But what does it really mean?  At first, it sounds rather intrusive, like some shady figure is sitting alone in a dark room somewhere, listening to you ask why the nose hair trimmer you ordered hasn’t arrived, yet. But the truth is companies use call recording because they want to improve agent performance so they can give you an exceptional experience when you interact with them.  After all, you’re the customer!  Implementing call recording with automated cloud-based speech analytics technology allows businesses to really listen to the Voice of the Customer to improve agent performance and the customer experience.

With CallFinder call recording and speech analytics, you can make improvements in the following areas:

Address Customer Issues

Someone who calls with a complaint may seem like a burden to a company.  Who wants to deal with a disgruntled customer?  But the truth is these customers are actually a boon to any business, since they are the best sources of information on how a company can better itself. And it’s not just about solving the immediate problem.  With call recording, companies can listen to calls and see if any common themes occur, such as multiple people having the same grievance, and then work to develop a long-term solution.  If companies have multiple recorded calls to listen to, call mining software like speech analytics can quickly scan thousands of calls for common words and phrases, exposing trends and patterns that can help convert unstructured data into informed strategic business decisions.  Customers respect and appreciate companies who can admit their mistakes and implement changes.  Call recording makes doing this a whole lot easier.

Improve Agent Performance with speech analytics

Improve Agent Performance

Another benefit to call recording is seeing how well agents are doing their jobs.  Agents are the first line of contact with a caller for most businesses, and the impressions they give can determine whether or not that caller becomes a loyal customer, or decides never to patronize that business, again.  So it is vital agents are operating at peak performance.  Call recording allows supervisors to listen to the conversations between agents and customers to see where an agent is doing well, where they may need some extra training, and where they are improving.  And using a tool like speech analytics can help supervisors ensure their agents are adhering to script compliance and other guidelines in a much more efficient manner.  Call recording provides agents with the opportunity to guarantee they are always providing callers with the very best service.

Call recording is all about the customers and keeping them happy.  So the next time you hear, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance”, just think of it as, “This call may be recorded because we want you to have the best experience possible.”  And then feel confident knowing you’re speaking with a business that will truly put you first.

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