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How To Constructively Use Call Recording


Using call recording is important to make sure that the quality of all calls going through is maintained. Businesses rely on maintaining a quality relationship with their customers that they speak with over the phone, and that is why they need to look at recording those calls.

BBC News has reported that even the police can benefit from the recording and logging of calls. They were able to identify a person who had been bogging down their emergency lines for a long time:

Police have highlighted the call as one of large number causing a big nuisance and delaying response to legitimate 999 calls.

North Wales Police say they dealt with 520,000 calls, including emergency and non-emergency calls, in the last year.

Listening to calls in this way has benefited law enforcement, and those same aspects of call recording could benefit businesses as well.

It is critical that listening to calls can help to keep employees more accountable. If they feel that they can get away with doing shoddy work, they may indeed try to do that. However, they are much less likely to do so if they know that their calls are being listened to.

At the same time that you want to gain the information that you can from their calls, you don’t want to make it seem as though you are monitoring them for no reason. It is important to explain to people that you are only monitoring their calls to ensure quality. It is also a good idea to let them even take a look at how the call monitoring system works. This could enable them to become more comfortable with what you are doing.

Check into all laws regarding call monitoring and post notice that this is something you are planning on doing. Though it may not be legally necessary, just letting people know can do wonders for the transition process into a monitored calls environment.

Contact us with any questions about what else to do to make call monitoring a reality.

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