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What To Expect With Call Recording


Every business will have callers and agents or employees who handle those incoming calls. In an ideal world, every call should go over smoothly and according to company policy, but we do not live in a perfect world. Instead, we require implementation of technology like call recording to determine which agents are doing a good job with customers, and which agents are not providing a good customer experience at all.

What May Be Discovered With Call Recording has a great article about call recording and what may turn up with it. They say this,

Dissect a three-minute phone call, and there’s a good chance you’ll find loads of glaring mistakes, says Mike Schrider, president of J. Lodge, a monitoring service in Hammonton, N.J. Schrider’s 40 analysts have heard it all — from drunk callers serenading agents to reps belching mid-call (and not excusing themselves).

These are a few of the things that one may hear when they start to record phone calls. However, of course not every phone call is going to go that badly.

How To Reward Good Agents For Great Phone Calls

Later in the article from there are details provided about how great phone calls are rewarded. Again from that same article,

Operators are awarded points based on factors such as how they verify their identities, how they greet callers, and how often they repeat a customer’s name. They also get points for qualities like empathy and patience.

A nice balance of positive rewards as well as consequences for when agents are not doing the right thing.

Where The Customer Experience Responsibility Lies

The question often arises when call monitoring begins about who is responsible for keeping the office running as it should. Are the agents responsible for keeping with all of the policies in the office, or is management responsible for catching those who are breaking the rules?

For most the answer to this question is quite obvious. The agents are still responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is appropriate. If they are caught doing something wrong by the call recording process, then they should face some consequences for those behaviors.

Contact us for more information about using technology like call recording with speech analytics to improve the customer experience and monitor agent performance.

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