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Still Manually Reviewing Calls?

Let Us Show You A Better Way

Modernize your call center with the leading speech analytics solution. CallFinder transforms your call QA process so that you can use your time to coach agents and

Use speech analytics to gain 100% visibility, automated scoring, sentiment and emotion on every call.

In rural Virginia, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC) saw enrollment this summer increase by 22%, and this fall it is up by more than 6% percent so far, with some late-starting classes and dual-enrollment still open for registration.

DSLCC used an old-school method to connect with its students that several other community colleges around the country also used: It called its students.

Developing agent training programs

Custom searches allow companies to pinpoint calls in which a customer-facing employee has been successful at saving a customer that called to cancel, or find calls where an employee has gone off-script. These insights can help a company develop and adjust internal training programs to address a wide variety of agent-customer scenarios.

Dispute resolution

Revealing common phrases that go hand-in-hand with account cancellation gives businesses the ability to identify recurring objections and reasons associated with customers wishing to cancel a service or purchase. This knowledge provides clear insights to justify shifts in marketing strategy, key messaging, pricing strategies, and changes that may be necessary to corporate training and support programs, ultimately lowering the number of customer disputes and cancellations.

Focus Your Outreach and Targeting
Conduct data analysis to understand where you have the best success recruiting undergraduate residential students – look at both current undergraduates and prospective undergraduates. The admissions team can focus their efforts on working leads from these markets that offer a higher rate of return. Then you can again put real-time website personalization to work on the website by tailoring messages to audiences coming from these zip codes.

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