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How to Optimize CSAT Scores Using Call Scoring



There are a few main areas that good analysis will specifically address. These include:

  • Telephone Information
  • Accuracy Of Information Provided
  • Manners And Politeness
  • Procedural Measures

These four areas, in particular, need to be looked at to ensure that the call is going the way that it is supposed to, and that the agent is conforming to company-mandated standards. What this means is that every call in and out of the customer service line will be to the company’s standards.

The telephone information part of the equation is all about analyzing how many times the phone rings before being picked up, the duration of the call, and data related to this. It is an important marker that should be looked at to provide speedier service to customers.

All employees should provide accurate and up-to-date information on every call.

Proper manners and general politeness are two obvious elements to look for on a call with a customer.

Finally, scoring procedural measures ensures that all employees follow the company CS guidelines.

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