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CallFinder View vs. Acuity: Which Solution is Right for You?

Are you ready to choose an Automated Quality Monitoring (AQM) solution, but you're not sure which one is right for you We're here to help with a closer look at CallFinder's solutions We offer two cloud-based solutions designed to meet your company's analytics needs and budget requirements[...]

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How to Identify Reasons Behind Customer Churn

Customer churn is a big concern for most companies And with good reason Studies show that customer churn costs businesses $16 trillion dollars annually, and the cost of gaining a new customer is five times higher than keeping a current one There are various reasons behind customer churn, but[...]

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3 Ways to Lower Average Handle Time with Conversation Analytics

Do You Know Your Average Handle Time Average Handle Time, or AHT, is an important metric for nearly every contact center The less time an agent spends helping a caller with a question or a problem, the more calls they can answer in a given period of time Businesses strive to have the lowest AHT[...]

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Speech Analytics: Not Just for Contact Centers

Speech analytics solutions are valuable quality monitoring tools because they provide insights into contact center performance But what if your company doesn’t have a designated contact center Can you still benefit from speech analytics Absolutely! Speech analytics can be used by any[...]

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Understanding and Responding to Your Customers During COVID-19

Understanding Agent-Customer Conversations During Times of Crisis It’s safe to say that most, if not all of us have never experienced a pandemic like COVID-19 As the coronavirus health crisis and "social distancing" practices continue, most businesses are encouraging employees to work from[...]

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Why Call Center Training is Costing You a Fortune

Are you tired of spending a ton of money on call center training Do you find that the more you spend on training materials and hiring new staff, your agents still fall behind We're here to tell you why, and what to do about it Time is Money In our previous blog post, we discussed the[...]

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How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud with Speech Analytics

Credit card fraud is an ongoing concern for both businesses and customers Hundreds of thousands of financial fraud reports are recorded annually, with people finding themselves victims of erroneous charges or even worse, identity theft And while those who would illicitly access financial data[...]

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Stereo Call Recording Powers Analytics

Stereo call recording (aka dual channel call recording) vs mono call recording helps increase the accuracy of phonetic call indexing, which is popular in many of today's speech analytics solutions In fact, stereo call recording improves reporting accuracy, keyword and phrase spotting, by providing[...]

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Speech-To-Text vs. Phonetics-Based Speech Analytics

Over the years, call center technology has changed drastically And the customer experience has become the main differentiator between many companies and their competitors What does this mean Call centers must employ the latest technology in quality monitoring and employee training Basic call[...]

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