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What To Expect With Call Recording

When it comes to measuring an employee’s performance, you need to have established goals and benchmarks. But, tackling that is not always an quick and simple feat. Developments in technology are providing inroads and automated solutions, which is a great start to establishing an agent performance tracking and coaching program…. Read more

Is Call Recording Appropriate For Your Business?

Call recording has become a common place tool within businesses today. Not only is it critical for mitigating potential risk as it relates to litigation, but it also provides an in-depth look into the experience that customers receive when they interact with a company. Determining if the technology is a right fit for your business is the first step…. Read more

What Business Insights May Be Gained From Call Recording

Every day thousands of businesses are buried underneath millions of phone calls from customers all across the country and indeed the world. In the midst of all of those phone calls there are some gems to be discovered. Though many do not at first realize it, customers who call into a business to ask a question or even to complain are providing a great service to that company. It is up to the business owners and managers to find the business insights within all of that chatter…. Read more

Why Call Recording Makes A Difference In The Bottom Line

Without a mechanism in place to recording your inbound phone calls, how do you easily identify on a global scale why customers are contacting your business? In today’s business environment, you need a system in place to help you easily spot business trends, pull customer and business insights, and manage thousands of conversations taking place every day…. Read more

Call Recording: Why It's A Smart Process

A business with a call center is one that has the potential to collect a lot of data. Call recording allows for businesses to make the conscious choice to collect the information that callers are willingly turning over to them. Some have tried to twist this into being a negative thing in some way, but that is just not the case.

The Principles Of Call Recording

Those who decide to record the calls that customers make into their business should have some principles to go by. If they want everything to be ethical and above the table, then it makes common sense to do the following:… Read more