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Call Tracking: Evaluating The Impact Of Marketing Campaigns


The use of call tracking services is actually something rather common in the modern business community. That being said, it is not necessarily something that is widely accepted or understood. Some business owners even report that they are worried about the prospect of using such services. They can ease their mind to some extent if they just learn a little more about what exactly call tracking is and how it is used. has an article about call tracking benefits by Rory Lidstone that says,

Put simply, a  call tracking  utility helps businesses evaluate the success of an ad campaign or marketing method by tracking which calls came from which campaign. This allows companies to streamline their marketing efforts more effectively as they can see which campaigns and strategies are actually generating leads and which aren’t.

This is the simpliest way to explain exactly what call tracking services are and what they provide. It is a more accurate way to know which marketing efforts are really bringing in leads and generating something for the business. It is massively more accurate than simply guessing which marketing campaigns are working, and there is something to be said for that.

In order to determine which marketing efforts are the most effective, the call tracking software that a business uses will assign different phone numbers to each campaign. For example, the television ads will have a different phone number to call than the direct mail pieces. All of those phone numbers will be controlled by the business, but they will all be different so as to see which numbers are called most frequently. This will give the business some idea of which marketing pitches are being the most effective.

It is hard to pinpoint how well the marketing campaigns are working until one has accurately taken a look at the actual results they are producing by looking at the data that is generated.

Contact us if you have any more questions regarding why call tracking should be used and the benefits that it may provide.

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