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Is Call Recording Appropriate For Your Business?


A much pondered question from many business people is if call recording is appropriate (or even legal!) for their business. On the matter of legality we can start by saying that yes call recording within a business on company owned phones is completely legal. As for the appropriateness of taking such a step, we will delve in further.

The Benefits Of Call Recording 

Call recording provides some instant benefits to any business wise enough to put it into place. It allows business owners to review the phone calls that are flowing through their business. This in turn means that behaviors on the phone can be reviewed and changes can be made as needed. It also helps with analytics.

Reviewing how many phone calls come into a business, what time of day those calls come in, and what are the common questions that are being asked by callers.

All of this information is useful for formulating new plans and policies.

Explaining Call Recording

It may be a bit of a pain, but explaining call recording can help transition employees from not understanding call recording to accepting it. Just the term “call recording” itself has received a bad wrap from the media and other outlets. Trying to transform people’s views on this term and what it really means is a worthwhile pursuit for all business owners.

Should Call Recording Be Done Now?

Obviously, weighing the pros and cons of call recording is something that should be done. As with any decision, pros and cons should be considered for each individual situation.

Contact us if you would like to know more about call recording and the important role it plays for businesses.

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